Coaching Badminton

Gopalan Sports Center, Welcome Sri Jagadish Yadav and Venkatesh Prasad Professional badminton players who recently Participated in All England Badminton Championship 2015 at Birmingham UK,

Gopalan Sports Center is associated with Y.P Badminton Academy

Why is Y.P Badminton Academy a unique Badminton Training Center?

Teaches physical, psychological, technical and tactical aspects of the game

Y.P Badminton Academy introduces badminton theory tests and skipping competitions.

Trainers in Academy:

Ms.Monisha Vinayak: India Raking No. 3 in 2007

Represented Karnataka from 2005-2010

Karnataka Ranking No. 1 in 2009-2010

All India University Gold Medallist 2008-2009

Mr. Ramakrishna - Senior Coach at Karnataka Badminton Association and a National level player during his tenure.

Mr. Abhishek - State level player, represented Bangalore University in All India and South Zone Inter University.