14th Aerobic Gymnastics National Championship

Do you practice cartwheels and handstands? Tumble on your back and hang from the clothes line? These sorts of activities are based on the foundations of gymnastics and are probably already a part of your everyday life. With support and training, you can continue to build on your skills and explore the full range of gymnastics.

Gopalan Sports Center is hosting 14th Aerobic Gymnastics National Championship 2017.
Date: 16th -19 July . Venue: Gopalan Sports Center.

Aerobic Gymnastics is the ability to perform continuous complex and high intensity movement patterns to music. Originated from the traditional aerobic classes, an aerobic gymnastics routine must continuously integrate the performance of physical qualities like coordination, flexibility and strength with the perfectly executed traditional aerobics movements. The formula of this sport is also the combination of perfectly executed difficulty elements with lifts and interactions.